From Port Elizabeth Airport:

You drive to the N2 towards Grahamstown.

After about 58 km you arrive at Nanaga.

Continue for another 24 km on the

N10 towards Cradock / Cookhouse.

Then you reach the city "Paterson".

From the intersection, drive 5.2km to Cookhouse / Cradock.


Our entrance gate is behind a curve on the left hand side


At the entrance gate you will see a steel bird

as well as a sign "Bonsmara Auction"

Go for another 4km over the property of a neighbouring farm.


Now you reach the Pure Nature Familodge.

The entrance code of our gate is: 0852 #


At our property you will see a lot of game.

Please reduce the speed and keep an eye of the gate-

if its really closed.


Thanks so much!

Olaf Heidtke©
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